“We keep on talking…

“We keep on talking about the problem [of overpopulation] without putting names on it in that sense. And getting it on the agenda of people.
“Because – you obviously can see it just as I can – you know, that we are heading for disaster unless we do something.
“And if we don’t do something, the natural world will do something…. what are all these famines in Ethiopia, what are they about? They’re about too many people for too little piece of land. That’s what it’s about.”
Sir David Attenborough in The Telegraph 18 SEP 2013

& a follow-up in The Guardian on the 16th of October

“We have a finite environment – the planet. Anyone who thinks that you can have infinite growth in a finite environment is either a madman or an economist.

“Wherever women are literate and have political power, birth rates fall. That means those of us in developed countries should make sure those who don’t have those things get them. That is the one way population growth will slow in a serious way.”

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