PhD Scholarships at the Edinburgh Business School jointly with Mathematics and Statistics  start date January 2021

  1. Knowledge Exchange in Industrial Decarbonisation

     Investigate the challenges of knowledge diffusion in industrial decarbonisation. Identify and compare optimal innovation practice in UK industrial clusters; latent capacity in systems of knowledge exchange; the pattern of co-authorship in industrial patents; or evidence of research collaboration between industry and academia.

  2. Green Finance and Environmental Modelling

     Work at the interface of data science, network science, machine learning and environmental modelling.  Explore the challenges that sustainable and green finance initiatives present to the financial industry, insurance industry and financial regulators. Sustainable finance may cover a variety of areas including: strategy and policy, corporate social governance, environmental social governance, portfolio and asset management, pricing and product design, insurance and risk management.

  3. Networks & Natural Language Processing

To work on the interface of statistical data science, network science and machine learning. Possible application domains include sentiment-based trading models, portfolio analysis via sentiment analysis, sentiment causal processes, decision making via sentiment analysis, index asset labeling, bond prospectus analysis and extreme sentiment models.