social entrepreneurs

socialENTI have been working on social entrepreneur motivations since 2004.  Most of my work is in reports, working papers and ‘non-papers’.  I organising two conferences funded by the ESRC and was active in different fora in the West of England.  In the past I considered this to be a civic contribution and not a ‘purely’ scholarly endeavour.

Beyond engaging with the theoretical debates there has been focus group empirical work in 2006 and since May 2012 a series of semi-structured qualitative interviews in Bristol. My aim currently is to contextualise social entrepreneur motivations from their own perspective.  Together with Susanne Vogl we have focused on the their social networks, role and agenda conflicts.  This work will feed-in to the research questions of a larger multi-method study that will commence in 2015.

Paper accepted at the Journal of Social Entrepreneurship

DOI: 10.1080/19420676.2014.954254.

Permanent link:

The Motivation of Social Entrepreneurs: The roles, agendas and relations of altruistic economic actors

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